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 So my name is Cassandra and this is my blog (obvious right...) anyways there has been some misconception because of the name of my blog being "extraordinary" meaning very unusual or remarkable. This would be incorrect. The blog name is a play on the fact that my life is rather ordinary - rather it is extra ordinary meaning probably much like everyone else and nothing terribly unique.

Me - just a little crazy.
I am currently over the age of 30 - I used to say 18 with a few years experience but turning 30 served a very huge turning point in my life. Growing up I did a lot of what was expected of me (participated in cadets, yearbook, extracurricular school activities). I then went on to University and completed my two degrees (Psychology and Law Degrees). I got married, had a kid, owned a house and two cars - life seemed for all intent and purpose what people would aim for. However, I was miserable and really truly hated my life. I then had a gallbladder surgery (nothing remarkable about the surgery) but I had an odd side effect which affected my vision. The scary part was no one could tell why my vision was being affected and would it ever go back to normal (thankfully it did). I will say that really woke me up. I started seeing a psychologist who said that the realization/wake up call I experienced was normal for people who were facing terminal diseases. I took this as a sign that I really needed to start doing what I really wanted to do and follow my dreams. I ended up leaving my first husband and quit my job.  

It took a lot for me to struggle through the next year or so of my life and things moved at a very quick pace. Then I met Justin - my husband and things started making sense.  Now I am focusing on doing what I love to do, following my dreams and seeking inspiration. 

The unWilling Victim Participant

On our Wedding day
Justin made sense to me and I made sense to him. I don't know how to explain it - all the things I have been through and the not so great decisions in my life he got and understood and I understood his background. 

We met because of Facebook - a friend from high-school had posted a picture of us at a girls night out I won for being terribly pathetic (if you don't believe me I can show you the contest entry). He saw the picture and said to my friends husband "Hey, who is that?" and they said well get you to go out for coffee.  Honestly I didn't think I was in a place to date - but my word for the year was "be" and thanks to my best friends encouragement (and maybe an English accent) I figured we should go for coffee - I mean what's the worst that could happen? (This seems to be a magic line in our relationship...)

We ended up meeting at Denny's at 10:00 pm for supper and ended up staying until almost 3:00 am. From there we were basically inseparable. Just about two months later in a moment of inspiration and the excitement, completely unplanned, he proposed under the stars on the beach.  (We had gone for a picnic after a long and bad weekend with the "why the heck not, what's the worst that can happen...")

We were married the following year (October 2014) in a Gazebo next to the ocean.

I label him as my willing participant because he really is - he supports all of my endeavours - and when I fail I usually fail miserably and he is there to pick me up, hug me, kiss me, slap me on the ass and tell me that things will be better improve or simply that he believes in me. He usually never tells me things are bad ideas (other than trying to feed him liver or other funky meats) and in approaching the things I'm trying to approach this year he has given me his full support and is willing to try anything for me. I love him - he is my best friend. 
Grabbing a drink
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Monkey (aka Daughter)
Cadence and Jupiter
This is the monkey aka Cadence. She is my daughter and will be 10 very shortly.  She is truly an amazing individual and I take absolutely no credit for it - I have no idea how she turned out like this and I will do anything and everything to support her. 

She is my eternal optimist and always sees the bright side or the good in the situation. She loves science, math, baking, cooking, and learning. She loves to learn anything new and she is passionate about helping people. 

The Furballs (Lunar and Jupiter) 

The furballs are Lunar (adopted August 2013) and Jupiter (adopted May 2015) from the Winnipeg Humane Society. Lunar is the most laid back cat you will ever meet - she loves to lay on her back and you can hold her like a baby. She also loves to be held like a baby.  Jupiter is a shy cat who loves to be cuddled but only on her terms. She is extremely affection but also very scared of things. We aren't sure what happened before she was taken to the WHS but she is missing a top piece of one of her ears so we are assuming that she was attacked by something so she likes the protective feeling - except for when it comes to the husbands shoe laces - then she loves to attack!

Lunar and Jupiter

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