Wednesday, March 18, 2009

food log - March 18

Breakfast (315 total)
2 large eggs (160 cal)
1 ancient grain toast (120 cal)
1 tsp low fat margarine (35 cal)
5 pieces of pineapple chunks (?? cal)

total: 315 total

morning snack (109 total)
168 g peach (66 cal)
98 g nectarine (43 cal)

total: 424 total

lunch: (227 total)
63g Crab meat (fake stuff) (64 cal)
~1 tbsp sea food sauce (25 cal)
134 g sliced red apple (33 cal)
1 banana (105 cal)

total: 651 total

afternoon snack (134 total)
124 g sliced orange (58 cal)
73 g shredded cabbage (21 cal)
37 g diced red pepper (10 cal)
65 g grapes (45 cal)

total: 785 total

supper (1140 total)
Yes I know I had McDonalds for Supper
Diet Coke (2 cal)
Big Mac (540 cal) (probably slightly less as I take out the middle bun...not much but hey)
Snack wrap (240 cal)
Cranberry orange muffin (360 cal)

huh - the funny thing I just checked and the muffin has the same calorie value as the fries the only savings really comes in on the amount of fat. 
total: 1925 total

calories confusion

Ok so me more than anyone else knows it is not ALL about calories it is about the quality of calories consumed which goes hand in hand with the idea of fiber, fat, carbs etc. that makes a diet healthy.

MY problem is I would like to use calories as a rough guide to assist in my eating habits (combined with making healthier choices that combine with the above) ... how shall I say use calories as a restriction generally giving more overall thought to the other items.

Looking at my list from yesterday there is a STARK lack of protein *ouch* need to up that (legums and such here I come!)

but my general problem is how many calories is reasonable for me to consume??

based on one calculation I need "You need 2307 calories during a typical day"

based on another estimate I need 3500 calories a day
(wow that's a LOT)

and I've seen as low as 1900 calories recommended.

BASED on my education I know that anything below 1500 is dangerous and below 1200 should ONLY be conducted under the careful direction and monitoring of a doctor.

MY problem I I know that to take off 1 pound you need to burn off 3,500 calories or roughly 500 calories in a day.. I could simply eat 500 calories less (however I don't think that is sustainable for the long term) or I could eat the same and burn 500 calories more a day for 1 pound a week.

Or the average eat less and burn more but really this seems a lot like a guessing game to me right now.

Matters get worse when I start trying to figure other things in like how much fiber? carbohydrates? fat? protein? baaah (I think this is why Weight Watchers is a good system based on what I have read...however I've spent way too much on my education hehe all 9 years of it) not to be able to research and figure this out on my own. *le sigh*

and for the inquiring minds:
Meal planning when sharply downhill a few weeks ago when husband was out of town. Since then he has had an unpredictable work pattern in the evenings making my life a mess. This lead to eating out WAY too much as well - so much I'm too ashamed to even post here how much. I might add that this was also influenced by friends and sushi/lunch dates! (you KNOW who you are!)

I'm back on the home cooking this week after a stark realization at the restaurant the other day that (a) I can cook WAY better than places like Applebees, Montana's, Boston and (b) I can cook the food I am ordering there for less money and more creatively than some packaged crap they are just reheating anyways *rant over*

So monday night we had tortellini and meatballs with sauce, broccoli and corn with a 7 grain salad.

Tuesday night (yesterday) I made the Thai Curry with Shrimp, chicken, mini corn, broccoli, red pepper and served with brown rice *yum* and we added pineapple to boot! It was tastie enough that husband said I can even make it again (note: he HATES curry as it gets into everything!)

Tonight I'm not sure I am thinking Tuna or salmon for supper as it is just kidlet and I.

I will say that I have found that I am LOVING my salmon (if you know me I only eat salmon raw) but I have learned how to cook it well on the stove (in a non-stick pan with no added oil or anything). My key UNDERCOOK it (yes I know not good) but I cook it so it is falling apart but just pink on the inside and then I find the taste isn't really strong.

As for running - well I must say that last week was the last week of class (yippy!) and was hectic although I did get a few days in but I definitely need more! I am finding that I'm not a huge fan of the c25k program. Instead the last thing I did was run 5 walk 5 run 4 walk 4 and then just ran a minute past where I thought I could and then walked for the same amount of time. It was great I managed to do a mile in under 20 minutes (big as I normally only get to the mile mark at just around 30 minutes).

Back at it this week and more information on the Trip to mexico coming soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

food log - March 17

In a pitiful attempt to figure out what I am eating and how to make it better I want to keep a food log (also the thought of publicly posting what I consume scares the crap out of me... so keep me honest people..)

ANYWAYS here is the food log for today:

(177 total)
3/4 cup rice crips (GF) (110 cal)
~1/4 cup 2% milk (40 cal)
85 g strawberries (27 cal)

total: 177 calories

am snack (62 total)
1 gala apple x 120g (62 cal)

total: 239 calories

lunch (468 total)
191 g banana (170 cal)
149 g strawberries (48 cal)
1 tomato soup (170 cal)
Cabbage salad (?? max 25 cal)
1/4 red pepper (~10 cal)
1 tbsp dressing (45 cal)

total: 707 calories

pm snack (200 total)
171 g grapes (118 cal)
97 g nectarine (43 cal)
101 g peach (39 cal)

total: 907 calories

supper (600 total)
Chicken & Shrimp Curry
(Large shrimp, chicken, pineapple, red peppers, broccoli, green curry sauce)
served with Brown Minute Rice

(I guess probably at least 600 calories)

Total: 1507 calories

evening snack
(345 total)
3 sugar free jub-jubs (45 cal)
1 garlic cheese bun (150 cal)
1 microwave brownie (150 cal)

total: 1852 calories

Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Week Thoughts

I saw this movie and it has inspired me ... this is my short post as I'm still working on my longer post inspired a lot.

I want to know the answer to the question: 
"If I had one week to live I would"

my short answer - If I had one week to live I would really live like I had no limits

I have heard the phrase "we are all living on borrowed time" now at least 10 times in the last week. I started to question what I have really done in the last week?