Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fish and Food a saturday night!

So today we broke some resolutions but I feel that i had a good reason! A friend from school was in town on her way back home so we all meet and had lunch at the Mall. Instead of a healthy choice I went with unhealthy chinese food.

But alas, we did *most* of our grocery shopping!

The plan is tomorrow we are going to make Meatballs (we'll use pork and beef and mix that with some onion, ginger, garlic, eggs, bread crumbs and different spices - don't worry I'll post a recipe later!) and then freeze them so we have easy meatballs accessible.

I also got the pork to make pulled pork, and pork roasts so later tonight or tomorrow I will break down the meat and then when putting it away we will start our freezer inventory list!

As far as sticking to the so-called "meal plan" for this week - it didn't work but we still ate at home.  

Tonight we made brown rice, broccoli and then had Pickerel.  We used frozen broccoli, and then brown minute rice (I'm not sure how healthy that is compared to regular rice) but I managed to get supper on the table in 15 minutes. As for the Pickerel, I just used salt & pepper on each side with a little greek style spice mix I had in the cupboard. Then I placed the pickerel into a hot non-stick frying pan with a slight bit of oil (probably about 1/2 tsp.) and cooked while waiting for the rice to cook.  It was great!

For those that don't eat fish I would highly recommend Pickerel!  I know that I hated fish for the longest time (except canned Tuna but I don't count that). Most of all I hated fish that had a strong taste!  However, that started to change when a dear friend of mine started to introduce me to Sushi.  

When our daughter started eating solid food and we were introducing her to meat I found it really difficult. Chicken, Pork and Beef are hard to chew unless they are ground up and I wanted her to eat more healthy food. I decided that I wanted to try fish as I knew that it was flaky and not tough like meat. I talked with the local meat person at the grocery store who recommended I try: Basa, Sole and Cod as they are relatively flavorless fish, have no bones or skin (I can't deal with heads, bones or skin on my food).  Well I loved the Basa as it is entirely flavorless and will taste like whatever it is cooked with like citrus fruit. However, I wasn't a fan of Sole or Cod and have not really tried them since. I have since tried Hallibut and Tuna stakes (individually frozen from Costco). Anyways, my husband thinks that we should be trying more local food, including local fish and I know that my Dad (who also hates fishy fish) likes pickerel so we picked up some small pieces today from the store. I definitely will be getting more soon!

If you are like me, and are unsure about fish I recommend buying a few small pieces from the store and trying them. Stay away from ones that have skin on them and go for the boneless as they will be less likely to scare you off! (Plus, I have no idea what to do with the skin or bones.)

Our next fish to try will be stealhead trout (apparently it is not the same thing as Salmon!)

As for meal planning tomorrow will definitely be Chili because the ground beef has been taken out. I will post more tomorrow about what the meal plan for the week is going to be. Tonight, I will be running and reading. 

As for the picture of the day it goes to my daughter! (Not a great picture as it was taken with my cell phone) but too cute not to share!

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