Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slow Cooker Beef & Chickpea Curry

So tonight we did the Crockpot Beef Curry stolen from "Definitely Not Martha"

I really liked this recipe and agree th
at it is truly very easy!

In attempting this recipe a LOT of people I spoke to are very anti-curry. Upon furthering questioning the reasoning was usually how spicy curry is, the smell or the general taste.

Well in making the recipe I used Patak's Curry Paste however - I used the Most mild one that I could find.  Surprises of surprises our house did not stink, the taste was rather mild and it was not spicy. In making this again I would do a few things differently:

  1. Use more curry paste (if using mild) or use a medium heat one;
  2. I would skip the nan - don't get me wrong I LOVE naan. I even bought a Tandoori one that tasted amazing. However, they were roughly 300 calories per piece, and the wraps are also high in calories. So in the future I would serve it with brown rice. It tasted amazing!
  3. I would NOT use the juice of a whole Lime.  Either because I am really good at squeezing fruit juice (not likely) or I had an abnormally large lime (this) the sauce was overwhelmed by the lime flavor. 

I won't post the recipe here so check out the other blog.

Here are my pictures!
Right out of the crockpot:

Here it is finally all boiled off (it really only took 20 minutes and it took that long to prepare the rest of the food anyways!)

Here is the delicious supper!  As you can see I am having it with the Thai Noodle salad!

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