Thursday, January 22, 2009

A small day of failure...

So we had a slight failure today in plans.  I managed to leave work early today! However, I realized that I had forgotten to take out fish for tonight and with the absolutely amazing weather we are having I really wanted to go outside with C. 

So I gave in to the mighty "hot and ready" and picked up a pizza on the way home C was absolutely thrilled by the idea!  (for a note to make it some what healthy I did also order a salad and ate it BEFORE I filled up on pizza - so points for that!) 

ANYWAYS... a small failure - but much better because before this adventure I would have probably failed yesterday and today!


  1. That's why I keep delicio or other pizza's in my freezer.. alittle cheaper/healthier. Another option..rotisserie chicken.

    Oh yeah wanted you to know.. Costco had the Talapia in the freezer section this week, the breaded one we like. Another good option for a night where you don't have anything defrosted.

  2. I agree that delicio or some other pizza are a good idea to keep on hand for occasional use. However, they take way too long to cook compared to my "Hot & ready" ... and my H&R are $5 compared to a $9 Delicio (healthier - hehe comparing chocolate to chocolate really) but I just thought that if I go with a frozen pizza or other meal I may as well defrost the fish and cook it. would have taken just as long.

    True about the rotisserie chicken!