Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Accountability

So I haven't posted in a little bit and figured that I need to post to be accountable.

I have started as I previously posted the C25k program and I'm very excited by it but have had a few set backs (as expected).

RUNNING - so I am working on the first week but I am calling it pre-week. I ran on Saturday and was all geared up to run on Monday but was so exhausted from a long night of work caused by procrastination... anyways I did not end up running. However, on Tuesday night I did go for a run but I ended up getting a massive blister on the back of one foot and then dropped a weight on my other foot with 10 minuets left so I had to stop.

So my set backs:
First - blisters and my shoes - I need better shoes I have been running on/off since September of 2007 and I have been using the same shoes. I LOVE them but it is high time that I get new shoes. The blister on the one foot is caused by the wearing out of the shoe.
Solution - I will be going to the running room soon to get fitted for a new pair of shoes.
Second - I LOVE watching good movies or watching TV while I run. I makes my mind go numb after a long day and totally allows me to decompress much easier and faster. However, since I have moved my treadmil out into the family room I can't listen to the TV full blast. WE had rigged up the TV to broadcast using a wireless FM transmitter. However, the dollar store tuner I bought was terrible. I would spend almost as long trying to get it to work and stay working during a run then I would actually run.
Solution - I went to walmart yesterday and picked up a FM tuner, small, sleek and only $8. I also picked up an MP3 player that can FM tune. However, for $35 it is going to stay in the box until the other tuner is tested. I am hoping that the cheaper option works much better. Although, I am told that you can purcahse an FM tuner for my iPod and then listen to the radio broadcast that way.

So those are my main set backs right now and that is how I plan to deal with them. OH and for the record the BEST movie to run to is "The Devil Wears Prada" the music mix in the movie is GREAT!

Last night (so Wendsay) I was watching the Top Chef Finale and didn't think I wan't to take a run (because of the foot) so instead I hopped on and did a nice walk through the entire show. The Tuner that I picked up on Tuesday worked fantastically!

Tonight is going to be walking through Hell's Kitchen and then back to the C25K program.

Tomorrow I will likely walk through Grey's Anatomy and ER while watching them online!

NOW as for the food issue
Well that has been going downhill. We ate out or had take out for the last three nights and honestly I feel just SICK from it and I have no idea why I keep doing it. Tonight I have Marinated Baked Salmon on the menu for the kidlet and I. I am looking forward to it. It is a receipe I stole from the website of Dr. Gillian McKeith (host of "You are What you Eat") I love that show.

Books and reading
I have been causally reading roots but just haven't managed to keep up with my readings and have really stagnated. However, this is my last weekend of having assignments for my course (YIPPY!) so I am hoping that with the dawn of the new spring, a new life and a NEW JOB coming up that I can continue on this momentum and migrate part of the time I had spent on assignments to reading.

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