Friday, October 8, 2010

21 Times...

I was watching some show over the summer and they said that if you do something 21 times it becomes a habit.

Well I can tell you from experience I had 4 years ago that when I truly set my mind to something I know I can accomplish it. (Ok I know look at my career and educational accomplishments and I am still never 100% sure I can accomplish what I want to in life).

Well in the start of September something changed and I made the decision that things have gone too far and I need to get back to the gym and get back on track to loose the weight I so desperately need to loose.

Earlier this year in February I did really well going to the gym because I had motivation of a trip and I wanted to wear certain clothes. It worked I dropped about 10 lbs before the trip but have since gained that back (plus some).

I have booked a trip in January for somewhere warm knowing that I would be good motivation to get me started. I also know that I have a real bathing suit problem (e.g., my current swim suit that I typically wear for snorkelling has finally gone to swim suit haven and I can't find any more suits around at this time of the year and I have two new suits that I could fit given some lost pounds).

So I made the decision I am going to try for a total weight loss goal of 40-50 lbs by time I leave for the trip. I had my original goal in LoseIt set at my ideal weight (155 lbs - I am 5'8" and that is what I weighed when I graduated high school) but it seem too far off.

So I have readjusted and I am determined to meet or exceed my goal of 210 by time the trip in mid-January comes along.

However, I decided that I wasn't going to make consistent or big posts about it because I seem to wain. I wanted to see how long I can make this stick and most importantly stick to it with my ever changing life.

But yesterday was #22 and this morning I am down 10.4 lbs in the last month (I still have 37 lbs to go) but I am 21% of the way there.

SO here is the news:

Since September 7th, I have made a consistent trips to the gym every night :) I go almost 7 days a week with a few exceptions and on those nights where there are exceptions I have been doing other physical activity (e.g., removing slat and plaster from house...yes I would count it as a work out!)

Since September 7th, I have continuously logged my food intake using LoseIt. This has also been a big task because we have been eating out a fair amount in the last while (visits with friends and family) but I have done the research or have simply asked for the nutritional information and make informed choices. (I know I blogged about LoseIt before but after a couple of weeks I gave up after 2 1/2 weeks)

I can tell you it feels great and I am very excited about it.

There have been other major changes to the routine around the house that are combining with my weight loss goals that are making things go really well.

I face a major challenge this weekend with Thanksgiving but I am determined to take it one step at a time and not give up or give in. Temptation happens (e.g., fries on Wednesday night) but I know that fries are not going to go away and I have to adjust and plan accordingly and I don't feel restricted so life is good.

So 21 times and I would say that my food logging and gym have officially become a habit.

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