Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else?

I have no idea honestly.

I think some things include the fact that I will pick my own path for many things. For instance, entering university I choose to do something I loved versus something that I had done before (e.g., political science and computer science vs. calculus and chemistry), then I decided to go to law school one day after watching legally blonde (nope that is not a joke) then deciding to have a child while I was in law school because I thought it would be easier than having a baby while being a lawyer.

I also tend to do random things for people just to be nice but it is often misunderstood.

For example:

I was on my way back to the office yesterday and looking at something on my phone when a lady asked where Scott street was and I didn't know but looked it up using my iPhone. I then realized I knew the street because I have to drive down it to get to my office every day *I am so smrt S M R T* I asked the lady if she was driving or walking and she said walking. I offered to explain it to her but said that it was a long walk (probably 30 minutes) and the directions aren't that easy because you have to walk to a bridge and then over the river. So I insisted on driving her.

I have also driven down the street and encounter someones poor kitty which was hit by a car and it a bad place in danger of continuing to be hit and run over by cars. So I went to my friends places just down the road and made her give me a towel and come with me so I could move the cat off the street. (FYI the scariest in terms of maybe it's still alive and will attack me type moment of my life)

I also just am going to put the following out there until the secret is revealed... Canada Post number EE094691245CA

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