Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A major victory for me in 6.04 miles

background: In sept 2010 I start on a weight loss journey with
determination and did really well (I started at 258.8 and was down to
218 by January) I managed to maintain that weight for a while and
started to train to run a half-marathon in June.

I was doing well and by April I was able to run 6 miles (took two
hours but I could do a run/walk combo to get to 6 miles). However, I
started experiencing really bad pains in my side and my running
started to take a real hit - I couldn't go more than two minutes or so
and then suffer from significant pain...and the pain started cropping
up when I was doing other exercise :( I finally decided I could not
run the half a few days before hand and I was shaken and very upset
because I felt like I might be using the "side" pain as an excuse so I
didn't fail.

There was a lot of questions and non-support from family about the
decision not to run for medical reasons.

I did get in to see my doctor and was checked and found that I still
had outstanding issues with my gallbladder to so I was referred to a
surgeon in September and in the beginning of October I meet with the
surgeon who agreed that my gallbladder was an issue but wasn't certain
that the pain would be caused by running and that surgery would fix my

After much discussion my choices were: (1) have the surgery and hope
that it fixed the problem and if it didn't face the other
possibilities afterwords (2) not have the surgery and continue with
referrals until we found the potential source.

Given that I have had gallbladder attacks before I made the decision
to have it removed as it would definitely eliminate one possible cause
of the pain if not the cause of the pain. This was extremely
difficult decision and I was scheduled for surgery on December 15,
2011 again with not a lot of family support in favour of having
surgery to fix what may or not be causing my problems.

Anyways surgery went wonderfully I was off my pain meds right away but
then everything else started crashing down around me - I had vision
problems related to the surgery and spent a lot of time being checked
by other doctors, having an allergic reaction to antibiotic and then
suffering (still) from insomnia brought on potentially by well who

I was back at the gym very early with the help of my trainer to keep
me motivated and working out in a way that wouldn't hurt me.

I was cleared by my surgeon on January 24th and could lift again but I
took it easy.

On sunday morning I was doing my cardio warm up for my trainer and
managed to do 2 miles before our session. He pushed me to do another
mile and then we did our resistance training. After our session I head
the treadmill again and did another mille bringing the total for the
day to 4 miles.

On monday night I decided I wanted to run and I was going to try for 5
miles because I had done four the night before.

I started with a 5 minute walking warm up and then did my first 10
minute run and was going to die but I was determined to at least 2.5
because once I'm halfway it seems easier and I had done it the day
before... so I did another 10 minute run... and I started doing it I
bit 0.25 during warm up; 1.92 miles during my next 30 minutes; 1.95
during my next 30 minutes; and then 1.92 in my last session

add that all up and you get 6.04 miles (and I could have probably done
another mile but I had to stretch before the gym closed)

and the best part was I FELT NO PAIN my worst fear was to have gone
through all of this and still not have fixed the problem but I did it
and it was absolutely amazing especially to get txts from some friends
and my trainer during the run motivating me and reminding me I could
do it.

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