Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seriously Happy Feet

There has never been a more happy pair of feet ever. I remember my first out door run and the feeling I had that night the hug from a friend at the end and the utter vibration through my soul I felt that day! I had run 5 miles that night outside in March. It was not something I originally thought I could do and had serious doubts but with a lot of love patience and encouraging words from friends I did what I did not think I could do.

Today I find myself oddly back in the same position but this time the run was only 2.67 miles ... Yes I was writing it was only - I mean seriously need to check myself on that it was a mid day break to clear my head and my first out door run and real run since the stress fracture sidelined me. The key to keep in mind is how just wonderful I feel and that there is little else in the world that brings me this feeling and I can keep going and this is just the start not the end or my limits.

Thank you to my amazing group of friends and one seriously amazing trainer I'm still in it!

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