Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cadence's Birthday Request

My name is Cassandra, and I am the very proud mom of a 9 - almost 10 year old named Cadence, aka Monkey.  (Grade 4) 

Cadence has an amazing spirit in life and I refer to her as my eternal optimist.  Her birthday is coming up on February 10th - her champagne birthday - which I have explained to her as a magical birthday because you turn the same age as the day you were born on. 

For the last two years Cadence has had a birthday tradition of asking for donations in lieu of birthday presents from her friends. The last two years the donations have been given to the Winnipeg Humane Society.  This year in preparation for her birthday I had a discussion with Cadence on what she would like to do - say nothing and maybe be lucky and get birthday presents as usual or support a charity.  Of course, her first response was that she has enough stuff and she wants to help. I asked her if she wanted to donate to the Winnipeg Humane Society again and she said no. Cadence had made the decision that she wants to help people.  She listens to the radio every morning on the way to school. She is a very socially aware little girl and she said that she wants to help people this year.  She was presented with many options and we discussed and reviewed different options - after some intense discussions she choose that she would like to make a donation to Winnipeg Harvest. She felt it would help the largest amount of people and with the increase in grocery prices it might help the most people (yes this was the thought process of the 9-year old).

At every opportunity possible she has taken the ability to help other people. In addition to the birthday donations she has been actively involved in helping many people. (December 2013) Two years ago I was instructor and found out one of my students got left off of the hamper list - she knew that I had just received by Christmas bonus and had suggested that we use the money to help the student and her family who were really in need. So she helped shop and select hamper items and gifts for the kids, wrap and deliver them.  Last Christmas (December 2014) I was working for a company that was having a hamper drive for the Christmas Cheer Board. Again, as soon as Cadence heard she wanted to help - we would shop the sales and use points to stock up on items and essentially filled two hampers - all from her thoughts and ingenuity. She was responsible for selecting the items from the list, finding deals and then delivering the goods to the the hamper board at my work. 

This year her birthday request is to try and make as big as an impact as possible with her donation to Winnipeg Harvest - because if everyone helps each other just a little bit there would be a lot of good and happiness spread in the world. So as requested by her I am reaching out asking for help to make her birthday wish come true. I am not sure how you can help but I figured you might be able to.

We have spoken with her principal at school who is going to try and hook her up with her Social Justice Committee (usually reserved for those in Grade 6).

Thank you in advance for your support and help!

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