Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days.

I am proud that I have recognized that I am off course on my plan for eating and exercising and that I cannot continue to the use excuse just a couple more days then I will get full back on the program.

I should know from last time that doesn't work. Just because I am to crazy right now to get back on full monitoring and tracking of my food (weighing it etc) does not mean that I can go nuts. I should have a basic concept of healthy foods and amounts to get back on course. Thus last night I made the decision to make my quick thai salad and then this morning I threw together a veggie tray for lunch. Sure I don't know exactly how many calories but I also know that it's not crazy and have a basic concept.

I am also proud that I went home last night and made the decision NOT to go the gym because I was zonked! But what makes me proud was the decision and sticking to the decision to go home play one game of Towers of Madness then go to bed - no TV or movies. I mean I have my iPad2 which I load my shows on to if I am going to watch them then stick to watching them while working out!

"If you don't have enough time. Stop watching TV"

"Stop Over Analyzing life is SIMPLE"

I am proud that I am starting to tackle some stuff at work that is scaring me and not letting the fear of it stop me from going forward.

Yea me! and tonight I will be heading to the gym because I want to!

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