Thursday, January 7, 2016

My request to Alton Brown

Dear Alton Brown,

I know we've never met - but it seems like we know you in our house. My 9-year old daughter is one of your biggest fans!  Since she was a little, one of her favourite shows to watch is "Good Eats" she loved the science of it.  Her current favourite is Cut Throat Kitchen (it's her reward being able to watch the show..) Her birthday is coming up very shortly and she is an inspiring chef!

We would love to extend an invitation to you to attend her birthday party - now I get that this is a little out there - but honestly she's a great kid!  (The past two years she has opted to not have birthday presents and instead ask for money to donate to the Winnipeg Humane Society and this year she will be doing the same and having her party there to show support for the WHS).

Now I understand you may not be able to attend (I mean I assume you are a busy person - plus its an invitation to join us in the freezing cold...) so as an alternative would there be any way you would be willing to sign and return to us some of your cookbooks?

At 9 her specialities currently are french crepes, french toast (these she does all on her own). She is also really good at making bread, pizza and pasta (including the sauce and meatballs) from scratch with some help!

Me - Cassandra  aka the loving Mom to a monkey!

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