Thursday, January 7, 2016

Welcome to 2016 - Part 2

Because my goals for 2016 in terms of cooking and making it onto MasterChef Canada aren't lofty enough there are more things I want to do in this year and frankly at lot of them are focused on me. I hate this part of it and I was always made to feel really guilty in my first marriage for wanting to focus or work on me - didn't matter if it was professional improvement, health related goals or just relaxing. It caused a lot of problems and tensions.

I am very blessed with Justin to have him support me in any and all of my endeavours - from saying "sure why not you can do it! I believe in you" to him picking up the pieces (sometimes literally) as I fail horribly at something.

It still makes it scary to say - and publicly say - hey there are these things that I want to try for this year and I might fail - actually let's be clear I am likely going to fail at one if not more of these goals. I am already scared that my goals for the 366 challenge might be too big (I've been typing and planning and noting away on different things to make and 366 is a LOT of things!).

So here are my other goals:

2. Photography - 

If you know me in any way you know that photography is a huge passion of mine. I have not taken nearly enough photographs lately. Justin and I signed up for two online photography courses - Thank you Groupon! (ok well maybe I signed us up but that's beside the point).

My goals are:

  • Finish the two online photography classes
  • Spend at least one day a week practicing and taking pictures
  • Spend at least one day a month exploring with the car and taking pictures (this has to be separate from the one day/week practicing).
  • Enter at least 5 photography competitions (this means researching them, planning the shots and then taking the pictures).
3. Health Goals 

Four years ago I really focused on my health - eating and exercising - but I've let that lax a little lot since then and I am feeling the effects agin. So I am determined to get back to something that is sustainable (particularly considering my other goals).

My goals are:
  • Get back to running - however I need to do this - even it is starting back slowly with biking, walking, elliptical - doesn't matter my goal is to be running. I would like to be able to set my goals for a 5K for the fall doesn't have to be a run - it can be a run/walk combination. I just need to remember to be careful.
  • Watch what I eat (hard with the food goals) but don't be crazy about what I eat. Last time my program was not sustainable - it was too much to keep up with so this time - keep a healthy balance and log what I eat.
4. Home and Relationship Goals 

I love my husband loads and I can't imagine my life without him. Even in the midst of our worst fights I could not and can not imagine my life without him. He pushes me to be better and to be me and to change but not change - but the last year has been really really hard with so many changes and a lot of stress because of that. I want to refocus and keep on the right path.

  • Get the house organized!  This is mostly done - but the office, garage and Cadence's play room needs to be done. 
  • Set up and follow a chore chart so that we keep on track with the house.
  • Create a budget (have one basically), follow the budget and track our finances more closely.
  • Go on a date with my husband at least once a week - doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy but something once a week that is just the two of us spending time together. (go back to the sticks project) 
  • Menu plan and stick to the plan!
5. Personal Miscellaneous goals

I used to be extremely involved in the community and it has always been important to me but sadly as I got busy in life this seemed to be one of the things I just couldn't keep up with (not to mention someone didn't support me in this endeavour in life...) 
  • Volunteer with at least two organizations through the year (I have already signed up to be a guider)
Well I think that's it. Here's to keeping 2016 fun!

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