Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Happy Birthday to me!

Today marks another successful trip around the sun without crashing into it!

I have been avoiding the blog for a while because well I've been busy and there are times where I can go an entire week without cooking because of just feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. However, today is a good day for reflection!

So I figured I would update my list of things made/cooked that I have never done before. I of course usually take pictures of all the things that I make (new or otherwise) regardless of how ugly they are. So I started typing the list and I was noticing there were are few other things missing from my the list so I kept going back and adding things - I have gone from 69 to 81 items cooked in one day hehe (more like over the last several months) but it made me realize something I already knew - that we often don't have a good recognition of where we have managed to come even if we have not achieved our entire goal. Also ties to the fact that any defeat or setback - no matter how small - really seems to over power any manner of success no matter how big (it's like David v. Goliath - sometimes it is like if we manage to run a marathon but you have to walk the last couple of miles it doesn't matter that you ran a marathon).

I'm going to keep trying - there will likely be more reflections today to come and more posting of those things that I cooked. Although I will let you in on one secret - I bought a cake today instead of cooking one!)

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