Thursday, January 15, 2009

Menu Planning Success

So this was our supper tonight!  If you look back at our meal plan for the night we were successful!!
We had pasta with sauce instead of rice because we had left over sauce in the fridge. Unfortunately the only frozen veggies that we had were the beans so we had that instead.

Tonight we had promised our daughter some ice cream and a cookie for a treat for having a good day!  So we went to Costco for that and while there we picked up some of the groceries while we were there and got to talk about our menu for the next week.

It seems that the once skeptical husband is actually liking the idea of menu planning! It was great this week to come home and know what we were going to do for supper, have already taken the food out of the freezer and just be able to do it.  I am so amazed because yesterday even the husband managed to make the Chicken Dumpling Stoup  on his own!  (it was easy considering that the veggies we all ready and cut for him!)

We'll see how this keeps up!

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